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Infor Chemical Essentials

More than 1,000 manufacturers in the cyclical chemical industry achieve sustainable, profitable growth by using Infor Chemical Essentials to respond with greater speed and precision to changing market conditions.

Do business better.

Manufacturers in the cyclical chemical industry face the burdens of limited pricing power, rising input costs, and mounting compliance mandates by region. But the tough challenges don’t stop there. They also struggle with low asset turnover, restricted production flexibility, and plummeting product innovation. To successfully navigate unpredictable market conditions—and achieve sustainable competitive differentiation—chemical companies must be equipped to effectively meet variable demand, and better leverage their core competencies and partnerships. Forward-thinking chemical manufacturing companies know the importance of employing end-to-end business processes and capitalizing on extended ERP functions. They require a configurable, chemical-specific solution that will allow them to execute predictable product strategies by shaving the cost of quality, service, and compliance.

Leverage experience.

With a 20-year track record of successfully supporting the needs of chemical manufacturers, Infor™ understands the problems they confront. This industry experience is built into our Infor Chemical Essentials solution to give these companies the tools they need to win in the marketplace. Capitalizing on our configurable, best-in-class applications, configurable processes, and actionable information, companies like yours can achieve greater profitability and sustainable growth while minimizing manufacturing costs. And these costs can represent 80 percent of a bulk chemical manufacturer’s total supply chain expenses and average more than 40 percent of revenue. Using Chemical Essentials, you gain a solid foundation—one that can help improve your ability to effectively and profitably satisfy unpredictable demand, while executing predictable product supply strategies. With Infor Chemical Essentials, you can:

  • Extend your core competencies
  • Reduce your total cost of quality
  • Cut your total cost to provide service
  • Meet your customer service and sustainability goals
  • Lower your total cost of compliance

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For additional information regarding Infor contact Stratotec and see how we can help your company become even more successful & efficient.

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